Category: Physics Symposium


Presentation: Assessing the Feasibility of 3D-printed Bolus Materials for Clinical Radiation Therapy – Material evaluation and design implementation on an anthropomorphic phantom
Author: Andreea – Cosmina Ciobanu | Prize: ESTRO Congress participation fee
Co-authors: Florin Costache, Adina Petcu, Lucian-Cristian Petcu


Presentation: Study of evaluation for treatment planning using kV CBCT images on Halcyon for head & neck cases when the rescan decision is required
Author: Maria Andreea Feraru | Prize: Brainlab training | AC RAD Medical, with the support of The Romanian Medical Physics Association
Co-authors: Florin Costache, Lucian Cristian Petcu


Presentation: Preclinical evaluation of In-vivo dosimetry for External Beam Radiotherapy. A breast cancer study in an anthropomorphic phantom
Author: Oana Diaconu | Prize: Level 2 CNCAN accredited course | AC RAD Medical, with the support of The Romanian Medical Physics Association
Co-authors: Cristina Balan, Daniela Martin

Category: Resident Doctors

1st PLACE – Oncology

Presentation: Bevacizumab in cervical cancer – the experience of a tertiary center in Romania
Author: Teodora Denisa Frățilă | Prize: ESMO Congress participation fee
Co-authors: Tudor Eliade Ciuleanu, Viorica Nagy

1st PLACE – Radiation Therapy

Presentation: Longitudinal Assessment of Radiation-Induced Structural Changes in The Brain
Author: Alexandru Țîpcu | Prize: ESTRO Congress participation fee
Co-authors: Bianca Homorozeanu, Dana Cernea, Zsolt Fekete, Andrada Țurcaș-Bologa

2nd PLACE – Radiation Therapy

Presentation: A Long Survival in Metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Multiple Therapeutic Lines. Case Report and Discussion. What is the Further Step?
Author: Nadejda Corobcean |Prize: Post-ASTRO Course participation fee
Co-authors: Olesea Preguza, Claudia Elena Pavel, Laura Florentina Rebegea, Mihaela Dumitru

Category: Nurses


Presentation: Sleep problems in hematological cancer patients during chemotherapy
Author: Alina Livia Savu | Prize: SRROM 2024 participation
Co-author: Marilena Gabriela Meșter

Category: Radiation Therapy Technicians


Presentation: 2D vs. 3D bladder evaluation in pelvic radiotherapy
Author: Raluca-Andrea Opriș | Prize: ESTRO Congress participation fee

Category: E-Posters


Poster presentation: The impact of the effective point of measurement in relative dosimetry
Author: Ana Maria Someșan | Prize: SRROM 2024 Congress participation
Co-author: Cristina Bălan

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